He made me take a DNA test

When we at Hey! Mom preach about ending all judgement against modern mothers, all mothers, this mom's story is another reason why. Does she need the added pressure of judgement coming from everywhere (especially other moms) when she has already been robbed of so much love she so deserves? Below is a story from another anonymous mom.

I was just torn between keeping her and doing it solo and accept all the challenges or just get rid of her. 

Hey! I’d like to share my story anonymously. 

I’m a single mom of almost a 2 month babygirl. I feel like single moms aren’t heard enough and are still looked down upon. 

I went into my pregnancy with my baby's dad saying he’d be there for me but then 4/5 months in, he denied that it was his and backed out. He insisted to get a DNA test for when she was born which we did and it turned out to be his. 

He has no idea what I went through physically, mentally and emotionally. I was so broken. Up until I was 7 almost 8 months pregnant, I would find ways to try and terminate my baby. I kept telling my family and especially myself that I’m gonna get rid of her, that I felt wrong for keeping her because I feel like I failed her as a mother because she won’t have a father. 

Although I knew I had the best support system, doing it alone made me feel like I didn’t want to keep her. Every time I heard her heartbeat at my OB appointments, it always made me fall in love with her more and more.

I was just torn between keeping her and doing it solo and accept all the challenges or just get rid of her. 

With postpartum depression now, there are times when I do think “she doesn’t need me” or I still feel like I’ve failed her and that I’m a terrible mother for bringing her into this world with a broken family already. 

I constantly have to tell myself that I’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. I got her. She has me and that I got us. I tell myself and her that I’m her mother and father and that she doesn’t need a father figure because I love her with all that I have. Everyone around her loves her so much. She’s as spoiled as can be.  Her and I are the luckiest to have the ones we love supporting us and that’s all we need.


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