Tips No One Tells You When Flying with a Baby

Whether you’re a first-time baby flyer or you frequent the skies with your family, traveling with your kids in tow is not an easy feat. My family and I definitely have some training but it is never smooth sailing. There is always an aspect that we could iron out to perfection. That being said, we also welcome and thrive on the chaos that traveling with a baby brings on. We get asked often on tips on how we can avoid having a crying baby in a hectic security line. First thing’s first, your baby will cry at some point no matter how prepared you are. The key to surviving is to simply not give a sh*t about the looks and stares that you’re going to get. Oh, and smile your way through this!

With the travels that the holiday brings on, here are some of my tips:

1. Stay calm

I cannot stress this enough. Our babies can feel our energy. If we freak out because our 6-month-old suddenly decided to have a blow-out 10 minutes before we board (yep, this happened), the situation will just get worse. You need to enter the traveling experience as a rock. Nothing will break you down. When I used to research tips myself, a mom vlogger said that you just need to remember that this will end. The 7-hour flight will end. Your baby will stop screaming. You will never see these people again.

2. Be prepared

Start prepping all you need for your trip weeks in advance. There will always be something. Make sure you read up on extra baggage that airlines allow for babies or vice versa. Be knowledgeable of restrictions each airline has regarding strollers and car seats. I had a friend that had to cancel all hotels and flights because she forgot to verify that her baby needed a passport for the specific country they were visiting. This girlfriend is a frequent flyer and with the busyness that comes with being a mom, it simply slipped her mind.

3. Choose a flight during your baby’s sleep hours

It may not always be the cheapest choice but this will make your flight so much more bearable.

4. Throw routine out the window

Yeah. I often read of blogs urging parents to stick to the routine. Personally, this brings on unnecessary pressure and things just go to shit. Forget about this one. Why? You need to have a happy and fully fed baby when going through security, during take off and landing. I know it’s not part of the routine but it’s not a sin. If your baby starts throwing a fit while you cross the metal bars – I wish you luck my friend. Your role on this flight is master juggler and all must stay calm.

5. A little comedy

I personally like to add a twist of comedy into our travels. I wear this shirt below to announce to others around me that I’m a mom, I’m kind and this will end! I get a few smiles and honestly, it just makes me feel more at ease.

6. Ask for a free row

When checking in, do not forget to ask the attendant if the flight is full. If not, ask if there are any free rows available. If there are none and the flight isn’t full, find out if they can accommodate moving things around so your family can have a row. It is a major lifeline to be able to have your child sit on his own seat. Even if it isn’t for the entire flight. Airlines are typically very understanding.

7. Separate milk and liquids in advance

In preparation for the security line, ensure that you have NO LOOSE items. Put everything in a bag. If you are traveling with baby formula or any liquids, set them aside in advance and make sure that they are the first thing you put in the security baskets. This way, once baby items are through, you’re just plopping bags on the belt. Then, you pick baby up, hubby folds the stroller and its smooth sailing.

8. Bring dish soap from home

We made the mistake once of not traveling with dish soap and we arrived at our destination at 2 am. Everything was virtually closed, and our hotel was no help. Baby’s bottles were all used up from the day of travel. Bring a small container of dish soap in case you need anything washed.

9. Buy a travel brush kit

I recently purchased the Boon Travel Kit (click image for link) and it is a lifesaver! Trying to pack our normal bottle brush from home is just a nuisance. This kit had a case and a drying rack perfect to keep the liquid away from anything else in the suitcase.

Boon Travel Drying Rack

10.  Disposable/Reusable bags

Remember that blow out? You want to be able to put the dirty clothes somewhere that won’t stink up your entire bag.

11. Pay for fast track

I cannot recommend this enough. Though some airports favour families with strollers, some just treat you like others in line (fair enough). Fast track lines allow you to pass security through an exclusive lane. For a small fee, the pressure of security gets a bit lighter.


Happy traveling these holidays and leave a comment below if you have any personal tricks yourself!


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